Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Massive Cake Post

So once again life has gotten in the way of my blogging.......not my baking......just my blogging about it :)  I have still been pretty busy with cakes, and really hope that continues.  Found out earlier this month that my job has been eliminated so after the end of the month......I don't have a job!  Hopefully cakes will pick up and keep me busy :)

So here is just a quick snap shot of my last few months in cakes :)

Purse cake for a "girl party" that my mom and her friends were having.......

Just for fun I tried to make a zebra cake......makes me wanna go on a safari adventure :)

.......the Millennium Falcon.  A friend asked me to make this for her husband who is a HUGE STAR WARS  fan.  Had to get lots of info from my hubby.....who is also a STAR WARS fan :)

Bridal Shower fun.  I have a wedding that I am doing and the made of honor emailed and asked if i could make bridal shower cakes ( I made a cake like this for my now SIL's shower and they really liked it).  The wedding colors are red, silver and purple so I went with these.

My sister in law likes to garden so when my brother wanted me to make a cake and suggested gardening.....I knew just what I wanted to do.  The veggies are all made out of different kinds of candy! 

My husband wanted to know why i put a cross and tombstone in the garden......he didn't realize it was a shovel.
Pea pods were my favorite!

Toy Story 3 cake for a sweet little girl.  VERY fun cake to make!

Lastly a BMW.  Certainly not my favorite cake but not bad for my first attempt at a car cake.......hopefully do better on my second attempt :)

The cat and the hat knows alot about that........Cat in the hat "HAT"  cake for a 3 year old who loves the show on PBS

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