Sunday, May 8, 2011

Go Blackhawks

My nephew asked me for a "hockey cake" for his bday cake.  Side note that I LOVE to get to make cakes for my niece and nephews!!!!!  Anyways he plays hockey and his jersey is a black hawks jersey so I looked on line for some pics.  I found a REALLY cool Zamboni cake, but he wanted the cake to look like his jersey.  I had to do some icing work, which is sometimes tricky for me, but it turned out pretty well.  I knew when my younger brother kept looking and looking at it and asked how I did it, that it must have looked ok :)

I also had to share this pic of my nephew and I with his bday hat from the restaurant!  Not sure where he gets that silliness :)

Happy Birthday to my baby girl~!

I can NOT believe that my baby is turning 3!  Seems so old :)  She had asked me for and "April cake" every time I asked her what kind of cake she wanted mama to make.  Every time I made a cake the month of her birthday she asked me if it was for her!  I would say you need to tell me what kind of cake you want and she would say " I already told you, I want and April cake".  I never did find out what an "April cake" looks like, but we went with a giant cupcake and smaller "3" cupcakes.......I loved it, and she thought it was really neat too :)


This cake was actually a referral from a friend, I had never met the woman.  I talked to her on the phone, and over text and then dropped off the cake at her work, and never actually saw her face to face.......not even 100% sure I got her name right.  So it is sort of like a mystery.  It was a request for her little guy who was turning three, and his theme was MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE.  I am a mom so one would think I know what this is, but I didn't.  Another time that I am sooooooo thankful for the internet :)

Happy First Birthday Isabelle

I LOVE getting to do first bday cakes!  I just remember those days with my girls and how much fun they were.  This layered cake had a regular sized cupcake on top for the birthday girl!

Woof Woof

I had a request for a dog cake..........the shape isn't the best ever but I love the pink floppy ears and the dog bowl with food (aka kix cereal).