Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It just dawned on me that I have really been busy with this whole new "cake hobby".  I have done 9 (would have been 10, but one party changed) cakes in the last couple of months, and have three lined up for June, and one for July already.  And, lets not forget about the event that started this all........................... My brothers WEDDING Oct 2nd.  I need to keep practicing on those cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't want to get fired from my original gig :)

Happy Birthday Lizzy!!!!

I was asked to make some sugar cookies in the shape of "1's" for Lizzy's 11th bday party at school.

Then she was also having a "friend" bday party and wanted a fun funky bright birthday cake.  I think I actually did a pretty decent job.  I really liked it!!  

My first "real" gig!!!!!

I had a reguest to do a race car cake for the first bday of the grandson of a co-worker.....did you get all that :)  They wanted a race track cake, and it needed to feed about 60 people and I also need to do a smash cake for the little boy. They wanted it ot look like a 3D car.  I had begun to think that I was in over my head, becuase it took me FOREVER to make this cake.  However, I do think that all things considered, it turned out pretty cute!  For sure by biggest and most challenging cake task yet :)  Oh, the reason that there are 2 names is bc the little boy and his dad share the same bday!!

"Mr. Joe" turns 40!!!!

Joe from small group turned 40, and I can't pass up a good opporunity to bake a cake!!!!!

Jack turns 5-Star Wars Cake

My nephew turned 5, and he made a request for a "star wars cake", but he wanted "real toys" on top :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cake....the good....the bad....and the ugly

I realized this weekend that cake makes me happy.....but cakes makes me sick! When I bake cake or cupcakes it makes me happy! Seeing people eat my cake, or smile when they see it, makes me smile. BUT.......I want to eat it too, and I can't. Due to some food allergies diagnosed recently I have to avoid wheat and soy! Kind of difficult when you make things out of SHORTENTING (aka...pure soybean oil). Let me re-phrase that....I can eat it.....I just feel like dying later when I over do it :) "Jojo's" cake looked so good that after her party I just wanted to have ONE bite....well the one bite turned into like 6....and then a "small piece" the next day. Cake will always make me happy when I look at it, and seeing other peoples faces as they are eating it will just have to be reward enough :) The good news is that with my new found hobby I won't gain 10 pounds from cake, since I won't be sampling each one.

Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!!

This is a "cake" that I made for a Cinco de Mayo party at work......thats right....its cake....and fondant. Everything on here is edible, and SWEET!

Happy Birthday Unca' Justin

Happy Birthday Jo-Jo

This is the birthday cake that I made for my daughters 2nd birthday.

Happy Birthday Molly

These were two cakes that my "best" friend and I made for our friend Molly for her b-day!!!