Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I was asked to make some "pink" cupcakes for a sweet little girl who was turning three~  She loved the book pinkalicious, so I tried to make them as pinkalicious as possible. 

I also made some white cupcakes to take to work, and a couple extra Pinkalicious ones went along as well :)

Happy Birthday Jenna

Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece Jeann who asked for a cake like "Lizzy".  I made it bigger, and also some chocolate cupcakes with white buttercream frosting.....and purple sprinkles .  She also asked for one layer to be white and one layer to be chocolate......I couldn't tell her no :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Beppy

This may just be my favorite cake thus far.  I made it for my "bestie" Becky.  My girls both have called her "beppy" since they were little.  I love pink and brown, and I LOVE polka dots and circles......The cake was chocolate with white butter cream frosting. Sorry....the photos seem a bit grainy for some reason.

AHHHHHH What was I thinking! A coach purse....really??

A co-worker asked me if I had ever made a purse cake.  I have.  I made a purple purse cake for my oldest daughters 4th birthday.   It was also pre-fondant...... 
However, my co-worker wanted a "real" looking coach purse.  I had pictures of one that she liked and I went from there.......I started to think I was in a little over my head when the gold circles that hold the straps on broke.....I really needed about 4 hands to be able to put this thing together.  In the end it came together and turned out pretty good.  My co-worker LOVED the way it looked, and also LOVED the way it tasted (she had asked for white cake and white icing).  Its always good to feel like you have made someones birthday special by making them a cake that really suits their personality!

Happy Birthday Mackenzie

I was asked to make a birthday cake for the daughter of a girl I have known......well my whole life.  This cake is for her daughters eighth birthday.  I was told that she loves chocolate.  I made a 2 layer cake with yellow cake and chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  She is into girly stuff and likes purple.....this is what I came up with.