Wednesday, September 22, 2010


By far, my favorite season is fall, hands down!  I can not express how much I LOVE to go to the pumpkin patch!  We visit one out in the country and when you come up over the hill you just see so much orange!  It makes my insides smile!  I just love the cool weather and the leaves and wearing jeans and sweatshirt!  Makes me want to whip up some hot chocolate right now........but its 85 degrees!!!!!  When I was asked to make a fall/leaf cake (for three special ladies all turning 60) I was thrilled, but not exactly sure what I was going to do.  I used a new technique and I think it turned out pretty well.  It was a two layer (one devils food and one basic white) with a vanilla butter cream frosting under the fondant. 

Close up-to show the leaf definition


I am NOT a sports fanatic, but I have lived in the town of orange and blue ALL my life, so I am for sure an Illini fan.  Then, I married a Michigan fan!!!!  So the Illini come first, and then the wolverines!!!!  This is where the clash of my husbands BEST friends is a Buckeye fan!  I was asked by his wife to surprise him with an Ohio State cake.  I decided to do a "horseshoe" stadium just like they have for the Buckeys to play in.  I was so excited because his wife really liked it, but even better yet he LOVED it!  Sent me a few texts that he didn't even want to eat it!  By far the best response thus far from one of my cakes.  TOTALLY made my day, and sounded like I made his :)

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No fondant......really???

I am kind of embarrassed to say it, but sometimes making a cake with fondant is actually easier for me than one with out.  I sometimes doubt my stills with a piping bag :)  I really do fine, but for some reason it just makes me more nervous.  This a cake for Hope's 75th birthday, with a request for no fondant :)

Goin to the chapel and were gonna get maaaried!!!!!!

Not sure I can be more excited that my baby brother is getting married!!!!  And, even better, we LOVE his fiance!  She is such a sweetie and a GREAT part of our family already.  I made a cake for a family bridal shower.  I really loved the way it turned out.  It was a devils food cake, with a vanilla butter cream frosting under the fondant.