Thursday, November 18, 2010


After Evan and Jessica's wedding I had a bit of a lul in my cake making.  I did get to make some REALLY fun pumpkin cookies for someone I knew in high school, but I forgot to take pics :)  My friend Bridget had a baby two months before I had my oldest daughter.  We worked together so we would compare bellies and how big we were getting and all the other prego things :)  Out kiddos are now 5 and almost 5, and she just had her second, a BEAUTIFUL little girl named Kristen.  I needed an excuse to make a cake because well, it had been FOREVER!  I learned a new technique in my cake class that makes regular icing look like fondant, a really neat technique, so I wanted to use that.  I was going for a more lavender color, but after a little mishap with my coloring we went with a darker purple :)

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