Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am NOT a sports fanatic, but I have lived in the town of orange and blue ALL my life, so I am for sure an Illini fan.  Then, I married a Michigan fan!!!!  So the Illini come first, and then the wolverines!!!!  This is where the clash of my husbands BEST friends is a Buckeye fan!  I was asked by his wife to surprise him with an Ohio State cake.  I decided to do a "horseshoe" stadium just like they have for the Buckeys to play in.  I was so excited because his wife really liked it, but even better yet he LOVED it!  Sent me a few texts that he didn't even want to eat it!  By far the best response thus far from one of my cakes.  TOTALLY made my day, and sounded like I made his :)

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