Thursday, July 15, 2010

AHHHHHH What was I thinking! A coach purse....really??

A co-worker asked me if I had ever made a purse cake.  I have.  I made a purple purse cake for my oldest daughters 4th birthday.   It was also pre-fondant...... 
However, my co-worker wanted a "real" looking coach purse.  I had pictures of one that she liked and I went from there.......I started to think I was in a little over my head when the gold circles that hold the straps on broke.....I really needed about 4 hands to be able to put this thing together.  In the end it came together and turned out pretty good.  My co-worker LOVED the way it looked, and also LOVED the way it tasted (she had asked for white cake and white icing).  Its always good to feel like you have made someones birthday special by making them a cake that really suits their personality!

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