Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cake....the good....the bad....and the ugly

I realized this weekend that cake makes me happy.....but cakes makes me sick! When I bake cake or cupcakes it makes me happy! Seeing people eat my cake, or smile when they see it, makes me smile. BUT.......I want to eat it too, and I can't. Due to some food allergies diagnosed recently I have to avoid wheat and soy! Kind of difficult when you make things out of SHORTENTING (aka...pure soybean oil). Let me re-phrase that....I can eat it.....I just feel like dying later when I over do it :) "Jojo's" cake looked so good that after her party I just wanted to have ONE bite....well the one bite turned into like 6....and then a "small piece" the next day. Cake will always make me happy when I look at it, and seeing other peoples faces as they are eating it will just have to be reward enough :) The good news is that with my new found hobby I won't gain 10 pounds from cake, since I won't be sampling each one.


  1. Babe,
    I must say that it will be easy for you to find joy in the simple creation of cakes because you freakin rock at it! These burritos are AMAZING! You have a tremendous talent!

  2. You might not gain 10 pounds but Thad and I might! :P